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Seven days in October where the conversations are about substance, new ways of thinking, collaboration...that's the idea behind Dallas Idea Week. Dig in and check out the different events and initiatives going on in Dallas during the week of October 11, 2010. Hope to see you around!


Idea Week Events
Want to get on a bus and check out socially-conscious businesses in Dallas? Learn about the digital agency players in town? Attend a lecture? A concert? Jump in…

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Idea Week People
Meet the folks behind the curtain who pulled the first-ever Idea Week together. Introducing the group of collaborators who thought it was worth all sitting at the same table and sharing ideas.

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Idea Week Sponsors
Thank you to the people and organizations who give until it hurts. These are the folks who took a chance on a seed of an idea and helped Idea Week get off the ground.

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